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Interview Rejection

So you put on your Sunday best, had your speech ready to go on why you’re the best candidate for the job and you absolutely nailed it at the job interview… so you think! What happens when you don’t get the job? You get the call or email saying “We’ve decided to go with another candidate." Now you’re left feeling a sense of rejection. I’m not good enough, I could have and should have done things differently! Most people resent rejection because they perceive it based on their emotion and feeling. Rejection is about where you’re going not what you’re feeling. It is the catalyst that pushes you to be available for the right thing.

It’s understanding the difference between missing out versus being singled out. At every level in your career you are going to be rejected, and that’s ok! It’s how and what you do with it that determines what happens next and YOU have the power to decide that. When you don’t get the job, ask for constructive feedback from the employer even though you didn’t get the job. They will remember how well you took rejection. Testing how you handle it and what you do with it. Did it deter you and did you drive you? Feedback is a gift, use the gift to help you.

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