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Janelle Reid

In her early career days, Janelle worked in the mortgage industry. Though she was making decent money, she felt she did a lot at her job, she was not progressing in the way she needed to. She felt like something was missing - she felt stuck! I thought to myself, “I need a career change, but how do I even go about doing that? More importantly, what do I want to do?”


A defining moment came at a Career Day event where a presenter spoke about the field of Human Resources. Janelle felt a fire ignite and became so inspired about helping people understand employment resources that were available to them; compensation, benefits & training. She finally felt passion and purpose and made the decision to change her career path to Human Resources.


In making that decision, she had to accept starting from the bottom. This meant taking a major pay cut to follow this new passion and learn her way up a new ladder. It was the hardest and best decision and a most humbling experience. 


Janelle learned that the space in between experience and readiness is study. She learned to master, not just to know! Most of all, she learned the value of climbing up the ladder from the bottom. Because of this experience, she understands what comes with leadership and how to help you climb your own ladder no matter your starting point.

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