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My Career Story

Helping You Move Forward

On my journey to becoming the Vice President of Human Resources, I had to go down to come back up.


In my early career days, I worked in the mortgage industry for a few years. I was making decent money, but I felt like something was missing and I needed more. I felt like I did a lot at my job, yet I was not progressing in the way I needed to. I felt stuck! I thought to myself, “I need a career change, but how do I even go about doing that? More importantly, what do I want to do?”


A defining moment in my career came the day that I attended a Career Day event. There was a presenter who spoke about the field of Human Resources. As she spoke, I felt a fire ignite in me. I became so inspired about helping people understand employment resources that were available to them; compensation, benefits & training. I finally felt passion and purpose and it was for helping others. I made the decision to change my career path to Human Resources.


Even though I was excited about walking into my purpose and a new career, the hard part was just beginning. When I made that decision, I also had to accept the fact that I had to start from the bottom. This meant also taking a major pay cut to follow this new passion. That’s right. I had to start as a Human Resources Coordinator and learn my way up a new ladder. I had left a $60k job and went to a $40k job all in the pursuit of my purpose. It was the hardest but best decision I’ve ever made and the most humbling experience of my life. 


I learned from both the good and bad bosses.  I learned that the space in between experience and readiness is study; I learned to master, not just to know! I mastered being a loyal follower and becoming a leader and I learned that a set-back can also be a set-up for your future. 


Most of all I learned the value of climbing up the ladder from the bottom. Because of this experience, I understand what comes with leadership.

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How we serve you

  • We are not just a resume writing service. We provide strategic & individualized career consulting & coaching that will empower you for success and create the roadmap for you to achieve your goals

  • We specialize in working with people who are tired of going in cycles, living with rejection, self-esteem & self-worth, fear & doubt and are ready to get out of their low places to walk in purpose. I live for helping people embrace fear, insecurity and uncertainty as doorways of opportunities

  • Whether you are looking to develop skills for a current position, embark on a new career, comfortable but stagnant within your current job/career, transitioning to a new career and/or frustrated with your current boss, or work environment and a fear of both failure & success, we will help you achieve your goals

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